Help to End Sex Slavery!

Greetings! We all have learned about slavery in history class during grade school, right? It was written and laws were passed in which slavery was ended, right? So why does it still exist? We have come far enough in this world, technology has advanced so much that shocks me at times, so why is it that slavery is still occurring? It has been way to long, it is time to stand strong together and help put an end to this! Do you know billions and billions of dollars are made each year from sex slavery alone? Yes I said BILLIONS AND BILLIONS! Help put a stop to this!!!sex-trafficking-truck-stop-campaign1.jpg


2 thoughts on “Help to End Sex Slavery!

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  2. It is a sad truth but the reason why sex slavery is so flourishing is due mainly to the fact that, to many people, even among the educated crowd, sex slavery is a myth, something they hear of but never witness. That is the strength of it : the less people believe it exists, the less likely it is to become the governments priority. They do fight against it, but the resources necessary to eradicate it are prioritarily allocated else where.

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